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Spectacles and Contact lenses – Myopia Treatment

Myopia is commonly referred as short sightedness. The light rays that entered the eye are focused in front of the retina, rather than directly on it, so the distant objects appears blurry. Myopia can be compared an epidemic. According to the researchers, myopia could cross over 500 million by 2050. We all need to be aware about myopia prevention. A large number of myopia can be controlled with spectacles and contact lenses.

Adaption of myopic glasses : Most of the Myopes start wearing glasses in childhood and therefore include less desirable cosmetic, convenience and optical disadvantages in their daily routine; However, this adaptation varies between individuals. Initial adaptation is required for each change. A Suitable power concave lenses based on cycloplegic refraction are suggested. Concave lenses allow light rays to enter the eye and create an image accurately on the retina.

Spectacles lens selection :


*‌Minimize weight, use plastic lenses. Use small eye-shaped frames,

*‌Round lens shapes,

*‌ Dark frames, Short vertex distance

*‌ Low density lenses.

*‌Adjustable Bridge

*‌Use a frame with a rim that covers the edge of the lens

*‌Biconcave or lenticular lenses

*‌Use high index lenses and antireflecting coating. *‌Adjustment for vertex distance should be determined and incorporated in lens prescriptions.

*‌The plastics provide rimmed frames and dense rimmed metal frames to help blur some of the support and edge thickness.

Avoid :

*‌Square – off corners

*‌Low index lenses like CR – 39 plastic lenses.‌ Large vertex distance

*‌Avoid large frames and choose high index lenses. Equally important, however, is to ensure proper concentration of the lenses.

*‌Fixed bridge

*‌ Nylon cord frames

Orthokeratology Lenses : Orthro-K lenses are special gas-permeable lenses designed to reshape the cornea. Ortho k lenses are easy to insert and remove because lenses are smaller and rigid so they can’t fold over.

The patient should wear this lens overnight. Then after opening the lens in the morning, he/she will be able to see clearly all day without the help of glasses or any kind of contact lenses,. Ortho-K lenses can correct the progression of myopia.

Ortho-K lenses have been one of the most effective in myopia treatment. Due to this global epidemic, orthokeratology is also becoming important to prevent the progression of myopia. Otho-k lenses are more useful for children. Kids don’t want to wear glasses. It is very helpful for them. And this is a long term treatment.

Some positive ways of orthokeratology:

*‌Good for unaided Vision during the day

*‌ It’s reversible and not painful

*‌ It’s not any type of surgical procedure.

*‌Not harmful for the cornea.

Soft contact lenses : There are several types of soft contact lenses available for myopia management. MiSight® by Coopervision has been recommended many times. MiSight® is better option for low level of myopia. This soft daily disposable contact lens reduce myopia progression. Studies have shown that MiSight® one-day disposable lenses reduced myopia by up to 59%.

Soft daily disposable contact lenses are for changing the focus of light on the peripheral vision of the eye. Children can wear daily disposable contact lenses. Eight to eleven year old children can wear daily disposable contact lens. Daily disposable contact does not require daily washing and there is no chance of infection. So contact lens treatment for children is an easy method.

Now myopia is increasing rapidly. High myopic patients have such a High risk of cataracts, Glaucoma and Myopic Macular Degeneration etc.

So everyone should be careful about Myopia.

Manisha Maity

I completed my Diploma in Optometry from kolkata Medical College and Hospital.

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