The word “OPTOGRAPHY” comes from two Greek words; ‘Opto’ means ‘of sight’ or ‘eye’ and ‘Graphy’ means ‘field of study’ or ‘related to writing ‘; Optography means “Study of Eyesight”! 

Optometry & Optography - What?

‘Optometry’ is a health care profession directly connected with the eye care systems. Optometrists being qualified, certified, educated are the primary healthcare personnel of the eye & visual system through providing comprehensive vision care. Eyesight is one of the most important senses. 80% of what we perceive comes through our sense of sight . Globally a major percentage of population needs visual correction. The second major cause of avoidable blindness is none but the refractive error.
An optometrist can play a vital role there.

‘Optography’ means “Study of Eyesight”! According to the dictionary it means “The fixation of an image on the retina”. It’s an independent, Apolitical & non profitable educational resource dedicated solely in Optometrist Fraternity. We’re dedicated to enkindle a standard mission for better vision care worldwide through engaging efficient optometry educators, practitioners, students & readers for converting our optometry passion into better eyesight !





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