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The word “OPTOGRAPHY” comes from two Greek words; ‘Opto’ means ‘of sight’ or ‘eye’ and ‘Graphy’ means ‘field of study’ or ‘related to writing ‘; Optography means “Study of Eyesight”! According to the dictionary it means “The fixation of an image on the retina”. The name OPTOGRAPHY is designated by Md. Zakaria Midya (CO-Founder & CEO).
“It’s neither an association nor an organisation. We’re an independent, Apolitical & non profitable educational resource dedicated solely in Optometry Fraternity.”
Optography was established on 1st December , 2015 at Kolkata, West Bengal. Initiated by a professor & Students Optometrist team, The senior most experienced Optometrist Gobinda Chandra Mandal (Founder & Advisor) and his two young dynamic students Optometrist Md. Zakaria Midya (CO-Founder & CEO) and Ayan Kumar Bera (Co-Founder & CTO) with the mission to “educate, inform and inspire all things of eye and eye cares to the Optometry field and in general “.
It all started through an intra college group study , then inter college optometry study and then went up to an academic whatsApp group and finally a website. The Team isn’t big in figure but it’s numerous in talent.
It has a wing “Optometry in Bengali” to study Optometry in regional “Bengali” language.
We’ve a well organised lecturer panel from various optometry colleges, Hospitals, Corporates & so on across the pan India with the senior advisors . All of them are individually expert in a special optometry domain.
Our Team visits different optometry colleges, we attend various optometry conferences, we’re up to date with scientific research papers, we escort  clinical practice from experienced practioners. Last but not the least We provide the healthy articles from our renowned pedagogue under one roof i.e Optography.
Students are free to share their content at “Future Optometrist” under the guidance of experts .
 It’s a voluntary job , everyone is investing their valuable time & talent here free of cost to establish a healthy & friendly Eyecare hub to help students, readers & ECPs.It’s our very tinny steps to uplift & upgrade our profession along knowledge .
We’re dedicated to enkindle a standard mission for better vision care worldwide through engaging efficient optometry practioners, educators, students & readers for converting our optometry passion into better eyesight !
Never miss the opportunity to polish others! Be a creative voice of Optography as amateur optometry blogger to provide the best eye care & practice through personalising the optometry knowledge.
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The best process of accumulating knowledge nothing but through conscientious involvement. Team Optography always welcome you to put your comments on the blogs, to be lecturer, blogger here & direct contact us to share your views & suggestions.
To share your contents feel free to mail us on: [email protected]
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