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Lockdown and Myopia

We all know the world is battling against  with a nanoscopic rival.To stop the spread of this pandemic, Lockdown  is applied as a remedy. By growing of the time period of Lockdown another unalienable hurdle is widening among the mankind.

MYOPIA: The nearsightedness

The development of Myopia during this period can be sight threatening amongst the school going children. Earlier Indian Educational procedure was not really based with online platform. But after the effects of COVID-19 pandemic scholastic activities are mainly held through social networking sites (e.g. Zoom, Google Meet, Classroom etc). As the strategy of online schooling is establishing day by day. The pupils are going to devote their most of the time to the electronic gadgets like Laptops, phones etc.The lockdown is also blame worthy for restricted outdoor physical activity in children. They are spending less hours in Sunlight as well as the physical task is also restricted.

In a study it had been showed that doing activities in Sunlight retina releases a neurotransmitter called “Dopamine”. It hinder progression of MYOPIA. While staying indoors children do most of the time near work ( e.g. reading, drawing, art and craft, gaming etc). During near work the eyes accommodate. In this procedure the refractive power of the eye increases , which means the eyes become Hypermetropic.

On account of this, the eyes tried to be emmetropic by growing Axial length of eyeball unconditionally.

In order to having an increased number of Axial Length Myopia occurs.

Consequently the outer physical activities is more important for eye and its development.

Even as a result urban kids are more prone to develop Myopia. Study shows that average rural kids spends at least 4-5 consecutive hours more in open Sunlight and do physical activities.

Rural kids are also more exposed in greenery where urban kids are barely getting any chance to connect themselves with green view. They are the victim of “Visual Pollution”.

During lockdown the urban people also prohibited to see any kind of pleasant or eye soothing view due to congested building, large sized banner, sky scraper their  visions are blocked.

Not only children but also adults can go through this silent sight decreasing changes.

Unlike online schooling, the concept of working from home is also being established from now on.

That is why adults  rely on the various electronic gadgets like… Laptops and phones.

The vast timing of using electronic goods and harmful rays coming from it can affect eyesight badly.

If we analyse the pre covid situation, Myopia screening on school children was running in full motion and awareness spreading procedure about Myopia and its treatment was in full swing. But from now schools are closed due to lockdown that is Myopia screening, camps,awarness programmes can’t be held.The prevalence of Myopia increasing proportionately to the widening the period of lockdown.

Because of this healthy eating habits also changed. Due to lac of work pressure people are spending late night to watch T.V shows, web series, movies, daily soap etc.

Due to extended time of exposure in harmful rays from the electronic gadgets children and adults both are having asthenopic symptoms which includes eye fatigue, head ache. Excessive near work enhance the risk of accomodative spasm. Doctors advised to play atleast 2hours in sunlight per day for proper development of eyeball and stop the progression of myopic refractive error. Everyone should expose themselves into the Sunlight after wearing UV protection eye wear to protect macula for being harmed. Outrageous revelation of eyes in sunlight can also lead to corneal epithelial erosions. When Myopia occurs children made a habit of rubbing  of eyeball with dirty hands can causes inflammation like stye , chalazion, blepharitis etc.

Limited time spending period in sunlight can also cause Vitamin-D deficiency as our body receives Vitamin-D from Sunlight. Due to Vitamin-D deficiency there can be such complications like uveitis,dry eye etc.

To stop the outrageous progression of Myopia we can create awareness, consult with eye care professionals like Optometrists and Ophthalmologists, maintain proper food habit and give the proper rest what the eyes needed. And we have to keep the matter in mind that a healthy and playfull lifestyle can open the window to “BETTER EYES, PEACEFUL MIND, GREATER SOUL and a HEALTHY BODY.”

Swarnali Pal

Passionate Optometrist. Former Internee at Vivekananda Mission Ashram Netra Niramay Niketan(Extn.). Moderator Optometrist at Optography #dil_se_optometrist #long_live_optometry

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