Signs & Symptoms of Astigmatism

Signs & Symptoms of Astigmatism

Do you know about Astigmatism?

Do you know what will be the problem occur if someone have astigmatism?

Astigmatism is a type of refractive error.

In generally, the parallel light rays after passing the refractive media it focused on retina (when accommodation is rests). It is Emmetropic (normal condition of the Eye) but when the light rays entering the eye and can’t coverage to a point focus, instead it formed a focal lines, then astigmatism occur. In above already discussed about some theoretical condition.

Now I will discuss about some prescription, which can help us to give idea about astigmatism. Are you noticed? such type of glass prescription. +2.00 DS/ -1.00 DC × 90° this type of glass prescription are example of astigmatism. If anyone have astigmatism he/she will be suffered various problem. Now I will discuss about  what will be sign and symptoms both are found when a person belongs to a astigmatic condition. Astigmatism patient complain that he/she are not see the object clearly. When he/she focused on image it’s blur.

= > The astigmatic patient who are belongs to low astigmatism, sometimes they complains that transient blurring of vision when doing precision work at a fixed distance, which is relived by closing or rubbing the eyes. We know that for astigmatism condition the light rays are not coverage to point focus. It focused in two different meridian focus, For this reason the astigmatism patients are not see the clearly. At first the patients makes an effort to focus one meridian clearly and the meridian nearest to emmetrope is choose, which is the factor behind the this type of blue vision. Some patients are complains that when he/she look at object. It’s seemed to his/her that the size of the object is oval.

But In reality the size object is circle. That’s mean when he / she observed a circular object it’s seemed to him /her that size of the object is oval.

I,e- circle object image change to oval size. Some of them complain that a line appears a succession of strokes fussed into a blur image. Others hands some patients are complain that, the blurred image of a line perpendicular to the major axis of blur image. Most of the astigmatism patients are belong to asthenopic symptoms. Such as tried ness of eye. Few patients are compound that , they feel heaviness, tiredness of eye when he/she write/ read for a long time. One part of the patients are complain that for a long time they are suffered from headache, headache sometimes become more severe, headaches varying from a mold frontal ache to violent explosions of pain a whole gamut of reflex nervous disturbances,

such as –



•Irritability and fatigue

Neurasthenia means It is the core symptoms are identified as mental physical fatigue. A complained by at least two of seven system (dizziness, dyspepsia, muscular ache or pain, ocular tension, headache, inability to relax, irritability and sleep disturbance) -i.e the patients are being complain such of which are discussed in before. Asthenopic symptoms are more compenivel by hypermetropic astigmatism patients than myopic patients. According to dioptric value astigmatism patient are classified low, moderate and high degree of astigmatism patient. There notified that low astigmatism patients are more complained of Asthenopic symptoms. A factor behind it that the low degree count of error own mechanism. It try to correct the retroactive error by its own mechanism (by the accommodative effect) By the type of astigmatism we found such town type of astigmatism –

1. With the rule astigmatism

2. Against the rule astigmatism

  • Example of (with the rule of astigmatism)

-0.50 DC × 180 ° (such kind of glass)

+0.50 DC × 90°

Prescription power belongs to with the rule of astigmatism)

  • Against rule of astigmatism (Example)

-0.50DC ×90°


Such type of glass prescription power are belongs to against the rule astigmatism. Here notified that with the rule of astigmatism patients are more symptomatic but it’s get clear vision then the same amount of against the rule of astigmatism patient. Hypermetropic Astigmatism patients are more symptomatic then the myopic astigmatism patient.

  • Example of hypermetropic astigmatisms patients prescription.

+1.00DS/ + 0.50DC ×180°

  • Example of myopic astigmatism patients prescription

– 1.00 DS/ -0.50 DC×90°

First, type of glass power prescription will be complained more than the second, because for the first type of patient critical accommodation makes further effort to overcome the hypermetropia.

Few numbers of child are notified that in anytime they tilting there head, because the letter/ line distorted when he/she looks at the letter/line.

By this process they try to manage this problem and they are sometime develop scoliosis. Some patients with high oblique astigmatism may hold the head tilted to one side so as too reduce image distortion.

Excessive Squinting: Some people they don’t look in exactly the same direction at the same time, such type of people may be suffered from astigmatism error, by the effect of refractive error it may be develop squint.

Half closer of the Eye lids is frequently seen who are belongs to high astigmatism.

  • Many patients, specially in children are more bending when studying, reading materials may be held closer to the eyes and a large part of patients with high astigmatism in a bid to achieve large but images become blur. Blurring and Itching: Astigmatic patients when see the image blur to clearing the image rubbing their eyes. Such type of patients I usually belongs to low degree of astigmatic error. Consequently they may develop a habit of rubbing the eyes.

They have a result falling of eyelashes, swelling of the eyelid, watering burning sensation. Sometimes it may be stye and chalazion. Here we get some idea about the sign and symptoms of astigmatism. So when you notice someone are suffer from such type of problem you guide and encourage him/her must be consult with an Eye care Professional, who can help you.

SK Samiul Haque

I am an Optometrist. Primary Eye Care Professional. Proud to be an Optometrist.

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