Importance of vision

Importance of Vision

“The eyes are the Windows to the soul”

It is an expression that is used to describe the strong connection one feels when looking into another’s eyes. It is not only important in seeing into another person’s soul, but they are also vital in how we see the view in world around us. Vision is important because it’s allow us to connect with our surroundings, keep us safe, and help maintain to the sharpness of our minds. Vision also gives us the ability to make assessments about the moment.  is most important because vision bring beauty and understanding of the world to us. It is important to maintain eyesight, so that you can continue to connect with the world and make quick assesment of whatever situation comes your way.

Explain an one word, 80% of what we perceive is through our eyesight. The eyes help us to distinguish one thing from another.

So let’s see about our vision: The eye can be compare a camera. It is very similar to other optical devices including cameras. So, our eyes and our brain work together to allow to see. One scientist and Dr.Roger clark (photographer) says that according to them, the resolution power of the eye is 576 MP, 120° view.Vison

Why vision is important for children?

When you look into your children eyes, you can see a sense of warmth, the eyes of children   reflect everything. Eyesight helps us to see the surrounding of environment. A newborn baby have fun the most in this world with his/her eyes. Vision is very important for every children for social development, mental development, his/her wellness and any kind of success. vision provides an important source of information about the world around us and increases our interest in acquiring knowledge. Poor eyesight can reduce our success and learning ability. Improper vision and disability to see the blackboard can make it difficult for children to learn and they may face difficulties in various places.

In some case of children, it is absolutely important to examined our eyes at regular intervals. There are many types of eye diseases that can be treated of an early age. Early diagnosis and treatment are crucial to prevent the eyes from damaging further. Sudden signs of eye problems in children can also be an indicator of the complications in the brain.

How can you obviate eye problems in kids?

There are numerous ways to prevent eye problems in children by changing their lifestyle.

1. It is very important to eat properly during pregnancy.

2.Feeding nutritions food, fruits, vegetables, nuts, fish as required.

3. Give the children a worthy toy without giving him the toy of his/her choice which will be without edges and sharpnes.

4. Teach your child to maintain a good posture while he is studying or sitting in front of the tv or computer.

5. When you suspect an eye problem in your children (like that squinting, headache, frequently blinking or any infection), take him to an eye care professionals immediately to get it checked instead of waiting for it to resolve on it’s own.

How does your vision change as your age?

When you’re in 20 or 30, you likely don’t spend much time thinking about your eyesight or vision. You might take steps to protect your eyesight. If you’re between 20 and 30 years old, You’ve probably noticed that most older people have Spectacles. You’re not sure if this observation means you need glasses too. In many cases you likely haven’t experienced anything more severe than the occasional case of pink eye or glasses or contacts prescription. Around age 40,most of the people begin to experience a condition called presbyopia, it makes harder for you to focus on objects that are too close. Even if you’ve never worn glasses before, you’ll probably need a prescription once you turn 40.A few eye problems become more common once you’re over age 60 like Glaucoma, if you have Glaucoma the blood pressure in your eye has increased, leading to sight loss, cataracts, age can cause your eye’s lenses to become more opaque, which makes it harder for you to see, Macular Degeneration, this condition is the leading cause of sight loss for individuals over 60, your retina begins to deteriorate which can destroys your vision. Many of these eye conditions are initially asymptomatic, so you should visit your nearest eye care professional.

Ways to protect your vision:- While you can’t control this various eye conditions that occur with age like presbyopia, you can take many steps in your 20s and 30s to keep your vision healthy throughout your life.

1) Visit your nearest eye care professional at least once a year. He or she can catch and treat vision problems earlier rather than later, which helps your eyes stay healthy for as many years as possible.

2) Protect those problems from happening by wearing protective eye wear. Use safety glasses, goggles. We all know that UV rays can damage our eyes. So make sure wear sunglasses.

3) Smoking is as harmful for our eyes as it is for the rest of our body. If you smoke you can develop serious eye diseases like ARMD, Cataract, Glaucoma. Smokers with diabetes are at greater risk of developing diabetic retinopathy.

4) Eat a healthy diet.

Let us know some information about vision:-

How many people are blind in this world?

There are 285 million people in the world are visually impaired. Of these,39 million people are completely blind and 246 million people have low vision.82% of all blind people and 50 years and older. Researchers say the data from 188 countries that the prevalence of blindness decreased as people become cautious. In 1990,the percentage of blind people was 0.75%,which has been reduced to 0.48 %,from 2015.The rate of moderate to severe Visual impairment has come down from 3.37 % to 2.9 % during the same period.

How many people blind in India ?

Currently the number of blind people in India is around 12 million. which is one third of the whole world.

How many ways people can be blind?

There are many diseases for being blind. Some of the major diseases i mentioned here.

1)Uncorrected refractive error.

[Such as myopia, hypermetropia and astigmatism]


3)Age related macular degeneration.


5)Diabetic retinopathy

6) corneal opacity.

7) Orbital celulitis

8) Mucor myosis



• The following duties need to be performed to protect the eyes :

1) Uses glasses even when there are no eye defects to protect our eyes.

2) Get your eyes checked once a year and also your glasses.

3) An Eye care professional advice should be taken on minor eye problem.

4) Need to take nutritions food for eyes. Best food to boost our eyes health.

a) leafy Greens b) eggs c) whole grains

d) fish e) fruits f) nuts g) colourful fruits and vegetable

5) Don’t smoke, it is harmful for our eyes and also our lungs.

[ Mother’s who endures the labour pain with all her strength gives birth to her child and she glad to see him. Then she may not understand the importance of the vision. But after giving birth to a child who suffers the same pain, She cannot see who is her child is due to his own blindness, she understand to importance of, when we have visual power we should try to keep it right without neglecting it.]

Riju Ghosh

Future optometrist at diamond harbour government medical college and hospital. Member of optography.

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