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Application of Polarized light

Light is a form of energy or a composed of particles of photons. The photon Particles are actually massless bundles of concentrated electro magnetic energy that are travels in a transverse waves pattern.

Usually, light energy needs a source from where it can spread to every direction. In general Sun is the main source for the light energy for the living and nonliving materials of the world and electronic light bulbs and other gadgets which are usually use to produce light are the artificial source of light energy. And light energy usually travels through space or some matters. The wave of light travel thorough a straight-line pattern in the free space.

Polarization of light is usually occurred due to as we all know the light energy produces an field of electromagnetic radiation to travel in any directions and when the that direction of that electromagnetic field is settle previously then we called it polarized light and in case of unpolarized light the direction of that electromagnetic field fluctuates randomly. Like Spotlight LED are ideal examples of un polarized light sources. Apart from an important feature of light energy polarization of light can also very curtail in many optical technologies, if we cut-off the wavelengths of polarized light energy in needed amount then we will be also able to reduce and prevent completely or partially the unwanted back reflections. Now days in the modern area of science this application is playing a very vital role in many optical devices to make the investigations more comfortable and easier such as modern biological microscopes, Astronomical telescopes and not only in the main stream of science in case of Optometry like in ARC coated Ophthalmic lenses and glare reducing sunglasses and in LCD screens, 3D movies this technology also uses.

Now into the next part of this blog we will look into the applications of polarized light one by one.

1. Application of Polarized light in microscopy: In case of medical science some times it is difficult to understanding the difference between various fluids or fluids and non-polarized microscopes are usually not effective in this examination. But we will surely get different results with polarized microscopes. Example like Gout disease which is occur due to the deposition of urate crystal in the synovial fluid which is examine by polarized microscopes.

Polarized microscopes are also used in basic biological examinations like examination of bone tissue, mussel tissue, fluid cells and many more it gives better quality of views to the observer.

Examination of the rocks and stones and other geological substance by polarized microscope is also another common application of polarization of light.

Polarized microscopes are also commonly used in industries for the examination of fluid crystals and macromolecular materials. And examination of the glass and ceramics and food chemicals are can be also comfortable with the help of polarized microscopes.

2. Application of Polarized light in Telescopes: Just like the microscopes application of polarization in Astronomical telescopes also help the observer to focus and observe any astronomical objects very clearly and it’s also made the image quality better.

3. Application of polarization in multimedia devices screen: The devices like LED and LCD TV screens and 3D cinema and giant screen have also these facilities in now days and this makes the quality of the image more comfortable for the power.

4. Application of Polarization of light in Medical Optics: After all the application from the technology field now we look into the application of it’s in medical optics as an Optometrist this part is very important for us.

i. ARC coated ophthalmic Lenses: Anti Reflective Coating or ARC coating ophthalmic lenses are very common now a days basically the lenses reduce the glare that helps in minimize in reduction of extra reflection which helps the wearer to get a better quality of vision.

ii. Polarized sunglasses or Glare reducing Sunglasses: why only in ophthalmic lenses sunglasses are also very essential now days while doing outdoor activities, driving and riding bikes and in these cases a polarized sunglass perform far better rather than any normal sunglasses.

Apart from this we can also add various filters according to patient’s need which give better performance along with Polarized lenses.

5. Application of Polarization in other ophthalmic instruments: Not only the patents the Optometrist and Ophthalmologist also get benefits from this, recently various ophthalmic instruments like Sit lamp bio microscopes, Fundus camera install this special facility in the viewing system and due this observers get more comfort and better vision quality while using it.

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