Frame as an impressive look changer

Frame as an impressive look changer

Everyone is different, but the following rules are good jumping off point when picking them the frame that best fits your face. A good frame is a selection can be simplified by considering which fissure line are complementary to the person. In routine life hairstyle will change so it can be change face look so the frame should be suitable with that. People generally recognise you by your face, the glasses you wear are a very real part of your indetity.

The key is to find right frame to match your personality and lifestyle. A good frame not only changed our look but also give confidence one should select the frame according to the face shape , overall personality and nature of work.


Random frame choice can make your face an unattractive face shape is doesn’t essential for appropriate frame selection,    but it is    valuable in in making Quicker and more accurate decision about frame choice. mostly people choose frame from normal optical shop without get any type of advice so that they    doesn’t     knew more about which type of frame suit on them.


Choose something that doesn’t cover your eyebrows won’t   rest on on your chicks and centres your lenses directly over your pupil. In    the world there are different type are different type of people have different type of face shape. The frame selection according to your face shape make you a decent person.

Normally common face shape are oval, oblong , round, square , diamond and triangle.

Face shape and frame selection:—-

  • Oval:- any frame shape
  • Squre :- classic ovals, cat eye shap, rounded shape
  • Oblong :- round and Squre
  • Diamond :- ovals, square, and rimless
  • Round :- wider frame with angular shape or rectangular shape
  • Triangle :- metal rimless frame with straight topline and cat eye


Oval face :- mostly styles look  good oval faces, these frames will add your look more decent.

preferable frame for woman rectangle, square, aviator. they should avoid over sized.

preferable framefor man are ractangle, squre, browline. they should avoid over sized frame.


round face :- for woman large , bold styles, draw attention. For man rectangle and square frame offset roundness frames create decent appearance.

preferable frame for woman are rectangle, squre, round.they avoid small, oval, browline frames.

preferable framefor man are ractangle, squre, avitator.. they should avoid small, oval, browline shapes   frame.

squre face :-

preferable frame for woman browline, cat eye, round . they should avoid rectangle frame.

preferable framefor man are ractangle, oval , browline. they should avoid small sized frame


diamond face:- for woman round, oval, cat eye shape frame give you more attractive. for man round, bowline frames sutes on them.

preferable frame for woman round, oval, cat eye. they should avoid rectangle, squre.

preferable  framefor  man are  oval,  round, browline.  they  should avoid rectangle, squre

shape frame

triangle face :-

preferable frame for woman  browline, oval, aviator. they should avoid squre, round, oval shape frames.

preferable framefor man are browline , oval, aviator. they should avoid squre, round, oval shpes frame.

whenever r you choose you consid only your look but as per dispenser many thing a part frame look better. For example, pescrioption of patient, age, occupation, facial balance, frame colour, facial features, thickness, are also important.


When you are studying in the school or college you are developing your own indentity.You have a chance to show your style by using different frames.usually a bright colours, large size, and interesting details such as colour lamination make your look amezing.

Adult can choose frame which sute with their occupation.mostly soft rectangle or oval frame are comman choice. Matte finish in black, brown other colours frame look good on them. The bright colours or some solid colour are change your look.

A new look can provide a more youthful appearance to the people who are over 50 or nearing to retiment. Such shape as rectangle or oval for man or cat eye shape for women are great choice.normally shine finish frame give life to face . Avoid frame with a matte finish in gry, Black or other dark colour.

Today, people like a thine, light weight and fashionable frame for daily use.   Today eye glass are considered as a accessories

Chooseing eye glasses, face shap is not only factor in detarmain     which frames will look best in you but your skin tone, eye color, hair color also play important role

Normally dark, bloud frames stantout and make fashion statement. If you have fair complexion light weight and frame with touch of colour, or lighter colour may look you best. If you has dark complexion and that type of hair color consider bold frame and they may look good in gold – sliver.

For warm colors best example are, camel, peach, orange, warm blue, blond tortoise, etc… For cool colour best choice are black, sliver, rose – brown, blue – gray, plum, magenta, pink, blue etc….


if your look is perfect your confidence will automatically get high. A face is like work of art, it deserves a great frame. Choose better and look good .vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.


“complete look is incomplete  without a good frame.”

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