Low degree of mixed astigmatism

If the retina is placed at the ” Circle of least diffusion” of Strum’s conoid, the distant vision is often found to be surprisingly good with a relatively high degree of mixed astigmatism.

During refractions at the last steps of subjective verification if that mixed astigmatism remains at a low degree then the distant vision might be maximum or nearer to the maximum.
As for example +0•25 Dcyl. ➡️ 180° with -0•25 Dcyl. ⬇️ 90°

here the above-mentioned things happened.
If such a low degree of mixed astigmatism won’t be corrected, the patient may experience fatigue eyes, eye ache, and headache.
That’s why a low degree of mixed astigmatism must be corrected. In that correction, the JCC device or JCC principles play an important role.

Gobinda Chandra Mondal

Founder & Advisor at Optography, 47+ years experienced Optometrist Faculty of Optometry Teaching at Eye Care Research Center, Kolkata, West Bengal

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