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What is Sports Vision? | Optography

Visual skills play a vital role in sports vision. It’s an indispensable science. Vision is a critical component, just like speed and strength. An athlete always meets the peak levels of performance through the enhancement of visual skills.
The International Sports Vision Association (ISVA) has been described the vision as the most variable senses among all that affect sports performance. Because information gained through vision is the most dominating over other sensory systems.

Sports optometrists believe that the eyes lead the body actually. In pursuance of their experience, it happens frequently that an athlete faces poor performances not because of incorrect movement but because of the correct movement at being uncorrected timing and positioning.

Challenges are always there. Some of these abilities include eye-hand coordination, dynamic visual acuity, tracking, focusing, visual reaction time, peripheral vision, and so on.

Children, adults & almost all types of aged group people love to play. Choice differs from person to person. In the physical development of a child, the play has essential roles. Sports are emotions.

Sports vision literally helps the sportsman to determine how well their eyes perform and at the same time understanding the challenges during performing based on visual limitations. So that he/she can understand what should be done to improve the performance.

Multifarious testing is there in sports vision including eyesight evaluation, athletic training as well as specifically enhancing visual function.

Henceforth, Sports vision or the optimizing of safe and efficient vision in sport is an essential part of optometric care to the community.

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