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Understanding Clinical Optometry

A very warm welcome to optography. In this session, I will mainly discuss about the current scenario of  clinical optometry among students.

As far as my experience goes in academics as an assistant professor with students and clinical professionals,  it is quite unfortunate to tell you that only 20% had appropriate knowledge of clinical optometry, especially  young optometrist. A lot of them were not aware of the correct procedures or the interpretation of the  reports even though they are working in a clinical background. Those who knew were not keen to follow it  due to a lack of knowledge about the disease and practical exposure. 

Nowadays, the optometrists working in the clinical environment are primarily concerned with the technical  procedures and not at all interested in the interpretation. 

With the help of optography, my motto is to assist you in the optometric procedure (when, how, what, and  why to do?).  

Whenever we interact with a patient, special attention should be paid because if we skip something or miss  a few things mentioned by the patient, we might end up with the wrong diagnosis and eventually wrong  treatment. This is also another aspect of clinical optometry in which we are lacking. 

Clinical optometry is a field that is left untouched and demands more research advancements. With the help of this platform, let us aim to make ourselves strong in the areas where we are lacking.

Please mention the topics in which you want to excel in Clinical Optometry in the comment box below, and I will try to enlighten you all in my next article.

Simi Afroz

Assistant Professor in the Department of Optometry, Sharda University. Master's in optometry from Amity University. Bachelor's in Optometry from AIIMS, New Delhi.

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    Thanks for your support .. I want to know about retinoscopy ..

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  3. Manisha Maity

    Thanks for supporting us.
    I want to know about how to Improve clinical tests and management of vision loss.

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    Thank you so much for valuable knowledge Ma’am can you brief pediatric work up also from new born to Puberty


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